Yulleroo Camp


Yulleroo is a located on Yawuru country 70 kilometres east of Broome, where Buru Energy has plans to frack two wells. In 2014 Yawuru Traditional Owners voted 96% against fracking on their ancestral lands, but they do not have the legal right to refuse Buru access to country for drilling and fracking operations.

Micklo Corpus, a Yawuru Traditional Owner, has taken a determined stand against Buru Energy’s plan to frack at Yulleroo by camping on crown land just outside the entrance to one of Buru’s exploration sites  since September 2014. Micklo and his family members and supporters have camped out through the wet season to make it clear to Buru that they do not want fracking on their country.



Two fracking operations are planned at the site in the 2015 dry season and Micklo and his supporters are determined to stay put at Yulleroo camp and keep watch over the site. As Micklo says: “I’m here looking after my country and making sure it’s not polluted by gas fracking companies, I’m not going anywhere!”

The Yulleroo wells are located at the head of the internationally significant Roebuck Plains wetlands (see map below) which flow into Roebuck Bay. Roebuck Bay is a Ramsar listed wetland, one of only 65 in Australia. Roebuck Bay is about to be one of Western Australia’s newest marine parks.

The Yulleroo area is also home to an important population of threatened Greater Bilbies.  Fracking in the fragile and unique landscapes of the Kimberley represents a massive risk to the Bilby and many other unique Australian wildlife.