Community Opposition

Cooperation between local community members, environmental groups and indigenous people was one of the features of the successful campaign to stop a proposed LNG plant from being built at James Price Point on the Kimberley coast just north of Broome. The emerging struggle to protect the Kimberley from fracking likewise sees a diverse coalition of locals standing up to corporate interests and a State Government keen to open up the Kimberley region to gasfield industrialisation.  

Broome community members and local Traditional Owners are again at the forefront of the struggle to protect the Kimberley from the inevitable destruction that would accompany large scale gas production in the Kimberley. The Frack Fee Kimberley Community has been active since _???___ raising awareness in the Broome community about the risks of fracking and taking actions to stop the roll out of the unconventional gas industry in the region.


Kimberley Traditional Owners have also clearly stated their opposition to fracking, with 96% of Yawuru Traditional Owners voting against fracking near Broome in a July 2014 vote. Micklo Corpus, a Yawuru Traditional Owner, has taken a determined stand against Buru Energy’s plan to frack at Yulleroo by camping on crown land just outside the entrance to one of Buru’s exploration sites since September 2014. Two fracking operations are planned at the site in the 2015 dry season and Micklo and his supporters are determined to stay put at Yulleroo camp and keep watch over the site.