The iconic natural and cultural landscapes of the spectacular Kimberley region
are under threat from fracking and gasfield industrialisation.
Despite all the risks and without any protections in place the WA Government is pushing ahead with the risky shale and tight gas industry in the Kimberley.

Join us in calling on the Western Australian Government to protect the diverse communities, unique environments, and precious water resources of the Kimberley region.

To the Premier of Western Australia:

We call on you to implement a moratorium on fracking & unconventional gas operations in Western Australia until the following protections have been implemented:

1. 'No go zones' over productive farmland, surface and underground water resources, and important natural areas.
2. Exclusion zones over all townships, communities and residential areas in Western Australia.
3. A legal framework that enables landholders to refuse access to their property for gas exploration or production.


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